Logistics and Transportation Management Software to reduce your costs

Transept’s goal is to provide you with specialized services and supply chain management solutions allowing optimization, management and control of your supply chain to improve its performance and reduce the costs.

A competitive offer of SCM software

We offer you a wide range of SCM software packages solutions which are adaptable to your requirements together with the associated services of logistics consulting and optimization engineering. 

Applications of our supply chain management software solutions 

Our supply chain software solutions address strategic, tactical and operational issues:

  • design of the supply chain : optimization of the collection and distribution network, study of various scenarios for the positioning of platforms and calculation of multi-mode route, costs and time limits assessment
  • supply chain management : flow and capacity planning, flow tracking
  • continuous measuring of the means and of the impact of new flows, cost comparison between sub-contracted and owned assets
  • budgetary analysis, detailed logistics budget in a multimodal and multi-supplier environment
  • determine the distribution and optimum catchment areas
  • optimization of trip loading and costing
  • planning for drivers and transportation flows
  • optimize the management of handling support and container pool
  • real-time tracking and tracing via portable software
  • analysis of transport costing
  • management of price list and pre-invoicing
  • carbon footprint analysis